Ministry of Housing & Works


This Ministry is responsible for acquisition and development of sites as well as construction and maintenance of Federal Government buildings.
It is actively involved in the coordination of civil works, budget, fixation and recovery of rents from Government owned / hired and requisitioned buildings.


The activities like management of Federal Lodges, matters, relating to Federal Government lands, licenced to various cooperative housing society in Karachi, except those under the different Ministrys. Administration of officers belonging to the Engineering Group, registration to Housing Authority, including National Construction Limited and Housing Foundation are the responsibility of this Ministry. This Ministry has three Attached Departments and three Autonomous Bodies.

This Ministry has three Attached Departments and three Autonomous Bodies.

Functions (as per Rule of Business, 1973)

  1. Acquisition and development of sites, construction, furnishing and maintenance of Federal Government Building except under the Defense Division.

  2. (i) Coordination of civil works Budget and
    (ii) Execution of Federal Government Works

  3. Provision of Office and Residential Accommodation for officers and staff of the Federal Government, Acquisition, requisition and hiring of such accommodation and Payment of compensation or rent.

  4. Fixation and recovery of rent of Government owned hired and requisitioned buildings.

  5. Management of Federal Lodges.

  6. Lands and Buildings belonging to the Federation wherever situated and revenues derived therefore.

  7. Administration of the Federal Government Lands and Buildings, (recovery of possession) Ordinance 1965.

  8. Matters relating to the Federal Government Lands, Licensed to various co-operative housing Society in Karachi except those under the Defense Division.

  9. Administration of Officers belonging to the Engineering Group.

  10. Transfer of Property other than Agricultural land, registration of deeds and documents.

  11. Matters relating to National Housing Authority.

  12. Matters relating to National Construction Limited. Besides the matter relating to Federal Government Employment Housing Foundation are being looked after by the Board of Governors (with Federal Minister, Housing & Works as Chairman) and through an Executive Committee Headed by the Secretary, Housing and works.

  13. Matters relating to Pakistan Housing Authority.